What is Skip logic?

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What is Skip logic?

Find out what Skip logic is, take a look at our examples and try it yourself!

Skip logic allows you to create branched form, survey or quiz. You can send a respondent to the future question in relation with respondent’s answer to a certain question.

Skip logic determines which proceeding question respondent will see according to his answers. You can use it for any question within the form or in the question group. You can add multiple Skip logic and set different conditions. Here is a simple example of how Skip logic looks like:


Simple question flow with skip logic


Let’s take a simple example!

We want to ask our respondents whether they like to ride a bike or not. If their answer is “Yes” they will continue on the additional question to give us more information about riding a bike. If their answer is “No” they will skip question about riding a bike to the question behind. If the answer is “I’m not doing any sports” we will skip them to the end screen.

Simple question flow with skip logic and examples


Using skip logic, we segregate respondents and ask them questions regarding their area of interest. So the form becomes adapted to the respondents according to their responses.

Window with set conditions for skip logic for our example


As a result, you get more responsive answers because only those who like to ride a bike were asked more questions about riding a bike. This way you exclude the possibility that respondent, who don’t like to ride a bike, will randomly answer the questions about riding bikes.

Here you can try how Skip logic works in our example:


Of course, with Skip logic you can do a lot more than that. This is just an introduction to using Skip logic in form, survey or quiz.

When to use Skip logic?

  • Questions are unnecessary for respondents according to their previous answer(s)

  • You ask questions regarding to some criteria (for example: years, interest, preference and more)

  • You want to collect more information without having to do extra forms for each category.

  • To increase your ability to get transparent answers.

  • You want respondents to answer only those questions to which they have right answer.


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