What is Compute?

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What is Compute?

Find out what Compute, take a look at our examples and try it yourself!

Compute allows you to create a scored form, survey or quiz. You can add points for correct answers like those in the exam, or you can give each answer a certain number of points, in this way you get a form of quiz.

With Compute, you are  setting the conditions for getting a score form, so you have the ability to rank your respondents according to their answers or assign them to specific groups depending on the number of points. Also, you can add different variables, and then define which group belongs to your respondent, but we will be more detailed about it in advanced use of Compute.

Let’s take a simple example!

Simple Compute example with questions

By using Compute, we will add a certain value to correct responses, that is, we will score them. Given the score, you can display different end screens to your respondents.

Compute set conditions for our example

Try example yourself!


Compute allows you to create an exam in our app, which makes it much easier to evaluate and can save your time. In order not to be strictly business and serious, Compute allows you to create quizzes, it is up to you to choose the theme and have fun while making it.

Try Personality test and have fun!


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