Something You Thought You Know, But Never Asked

Our web-based survey solution tool is serving to companies, organizations and individuals that like to gather information from their customers, employees or listeners rather than trying to guess what they really want.

Who we are and what we do

We're a small team of dedicated group of people working hard so you don't have to. We like to consider ourselves as creators of other people happiness; I know you are asking yourself why, so we are going to explain that. We have lots of experience in different fields of professional researchers, human resource, academic studies, radio production, marketing management, graphic department, IT department and much more.

Our experience has taught us that we need to know rather than assume. We are developing a tool that will help you gather information that will help you help your clients. This tool can make your customers like you, like your services, like your products and that will make you happy as well as your customers.

What we aspire

In every business you have to make strong and hard decisions. Every decision you make can be good or bad for your company. How do you decide whether your customers would like more pancakes or tiramisu, what if the majority of your customers like more muffins? If you decide with pancakes you will loose most of your customers and that will cost your company business.

To better understand your customers, you need to get out and ask them do not assume that you know what is best for them. We want to help you make good choices, make good and quality researches that will help you to satisfy your customers.

What we care about most

  1. Our customers - We are always there for you, if you need our help, support or any kind of advice feel free to send us an email and we will respond as soon as possible.
  2. Your customers - We also think about your customers because your business are your customers if you need any help developing custom reports please let us know
  3. Privacy and security - You researches are safe on our servers, we are using encryption and backup systems to keep your data secure.

Who are our users

Our customers are businesses, institutions, and organizations that use QPoint Survey for everything from market research, music research, customer satisfaction, employee performance reviews, to academic evaluations and researches of all types.

We missed something

If you have any kind of question that we missed, please let us know and make sure you leave contact so we can respond back.

CEO & Founder Filip Pavlić

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