Before you Build your first Form

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Before you Build your first Form

Take a little journey through our app and make the best forms.

We try to make a platform for most intuitive and beautiful forms, surveys or quizzes.

Before you start your adventures with QPoint, we have prepared you a little journey through our app and make the best of your form, survey or quiz. We are here for you and our goal is to help you easily build, efficiently collect and analyze your results. To make it easier, we have made a guide through the app to explain how you can use our functionalities in your form to get the best results.

Start your QPoint adventures with our explanation video:

We have done our best to make the process of creating a form simpler and more fun for you.

Ask yourself a few questions before you start creating a form. To make a successful form, you need to know the purpose of your form, what you want to achieve and the process itself. The most important question is “What is your target audience?”. Accordingly, you are working on your form by adapting it to your target audience. Make it simple, ask for direct and understandable question, and you will get the answers you need, to be satisfied with form you are making.

Build forms with powerful, intuitive and easy-to-use form editor. With builder you can be as much creative as you want.

Design your own forms. Change form colors, fonts, backgrounds to style you like or to match your brand design.

Collect data you need. Share forms with your friends in a few easy steps.

Analyze responses that you collected. Filter out unwanted respondents, customize your report, check individual responses or export data for further analysis.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our support team in live chat or send us a message at