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Collection data with creative and beautiful online forms

Still using paper and pen to collect your data? With QPoint you can build creative and beautiful forms that interviewers will appreciate. Show how professional you are in few easy steps. Try now!

Lead Generation

It is much easier when you have all the answers

To stand out as an organization you need to get more answers than your competition. But remember, it is not all in the answers it is in way you treat your customers, partners or employees. With beautiful forms or surveys, you can show them respect they deserve and in same time get valuable insights. Get insights!

Collect Insights

Customize surveys for your industry

Test your innovative ideas with targeted audience! Perhaps that idea can be made even better by reaching out to your potential customers. They will help you in determining price, features... Create survey!

Restaurant Fitness Center

Education & knowledge will get you long way

Learning is fun - Through entertaining forms show how knowledge is important, and how learning can be fun. Create innovative tests and quizzes, and surprise your audience with every interesting fact. Build trivia!

History Exam

Express your creativity, create fun

Create interactive forms or quizzes with skip logic. Use computing variables to build scoring system or create your own personality builder. You can even create pages like help, tour or FAQ. The possibilities with QPoint are endless. Create your own quiz!

Superhero Quiz
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