What is End screen?

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What is End screen?

Create interesting End screen on your form, survey or quiz. Thank your respondents, add Social share buttons and more.

End screen is the screen that appears when your respondent submits their responses to your form, survey, or quiz. It is optional, which means you can add and create it and you do not have to.

The End Screen serves to thank your respondents for completing the form, participating in the survey, or to display the results if you have an exam or a quiz.

Deafult end screen which you can change

In the End screen settings, you can add a restart button to enable them to respond to your form, survey or quiz question or redirect button to redirect them to your other form, survey or quiz on your site or whatever URL you choose.

Additionally, you can also add social share buttons that allow your respondents to share your form, survey or quiz, and so gather more respondents.

You can easily edit your end screen

At the end screen you can enter text, add buttons, and you can also add media, any image, animated GIF, video or audio, and so your form, survey or quiz learn more interesting and visually more beautiful.

Change End screen settings

Adding the End screen is easy with QPoint! Simply click on "Add End screen" in question preview and enter the desired text.

How to add end screens

Also, you can add more end screens but you can read more about it in the article [LINK: "Add multiple end screens"].

You can easily add more end screens