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Importance of music research

by Betty Griffith | Market Research | 16 January, 2018
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Radio stations commit to doing music research to figure out what their audience wants to hear. Rather than just guessing and pulling songs out of a hat.

Consumers might not put much thought into the work a radio station has to do to finding right hit songs for listeners, but in truth, radio stations go through a lot of research stages before a song ever makes it on their top ten list.

Why do Radio stations do Music research?

Radio stations commit to doing music research to figure out what their audience wants to hear. Rather than just guessing and pulling songs out of a hat, every song listeners hear playing on their local station actually only came to be there because the music research they completed said that local listeners would probably like hearing it.

Like with anything, this research isn’t always perfect and it can’t please everybody, but radio stations get much better results by carrying out music research, than by simply guessing which song will pass better with the listener.

In fact, there are multiple benefits to be derived from doing music research. The most obvious, of course, is listener satisfaction, but it also helps the radio station to get a better view on their listeners’ tastes as a whole, which will help them better select future music and any potential guest hosts they have on.

Importance of doing music research for radio stations

How to make a music research?

Music research is a very precise and targeted process and involves consistent intuitive results that can be replicated again and again. But, how is it done?

  • Many online survey tools exist to facilitate the process of creating surveys, collecting responses and analyzing collected data. A lot of background information is collected with online survey tools and the surveys can range from “What sort of music do you like listening to?” to “What product do you most often buy at the grocery store?” Relevant results are then used by companies (like the local radio station) to determine what local listeners would enjoy based on the area’s demographics.

  • Social networks are an excellent place for collecting data and many online survey tools like QPoint, SurveyMonkey, Typeform and QuestionPro, allows you to share your survey on every social network. Sharing on social networks, you reach the masses of people and get a greater number of respondents.

importane of music research for listeners satisfaction

Why do Listeners care?

Most importantly, radio stations do music research for their listeners. At the end of the day, no one is going to keep tuning into a radio station if they never broadcast music they enjoy listening to. By creating music surveys, the radio station has an excellent starting point based on the demographics of their listeners. This helps them begin selecting songs that listeners might enjoy. Beyond surveys, however, they’re also likely to take suggestions and requests into account to begin perfecting their daily lineup of music.


Listeners always benefit from quality music research as much as radio stations. As you create better and more detailed survey with targeted audience, you will have more listeners because you will now what they like to listen to. With online survey tools like QPoint it is easy and simple to create surveys and collect needed data.

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