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On-Premises Survey Tool

by Filip Pavlić | Get Pointed | 30 March, 2023
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Taking Control of Your Data: Exploring the Benefits of On-Premises Survey Tool. Learn about QPoint Survey's on-premises server edition with advanced logic, enhanced security, and unlimited usage.

Are you concerned about the security of your survey data? Do you need a survey tool that offers complete control over your data and no limitations on usage? Look no further than QPoint Survey's on-premises version. With its powerful features, unparalleled security, and flexible deployment options, this tool is an ideal solution for organizations that demand the utmost in data protection and customization.

Features of QPoint Survey On-Premises Server Edition?

QPoint Survey's on-premises server edition offers a comprehensive range of features that make it a top choice for organizations looking for a robust survey tool.

Unlimited usage

With QPoint Survey's on-premises server edition, you can conduct an unlimited number of surveys, collect unlimited responses, and store unlimited survey data. This means you never have to worry about hitting a usage limit or paying extra fees for additional surveys or responses. This also includes unlimited number of Team Members, Campaigns and Mail Accounts connected.

Customizable surveys

 QPoint Survey's allows you to create fully customizable surveys that match your brand and your specific needs. The tool offers a wide range of question types, including multiple choice, open-ended, and Likert scale questions, as well as customization options for survey design and branding.

Advanced logic

 QPoint Survey's includes advanced logic features that allow you to create surveys with skip logic, display rules, and compute variables. Skip logic allows you to create custom paths through your survey based on respondents' answers to previous questions, while display rules let you show or hide specific questions based on conditions you specify. Compute variables enable you to perform calculations based on the responses to multiple questions, giving you greater flexibility in the data you collect.

Advanced reporting

 With QPoint Survey's, you can access comprehensive reporting tools, including real-time data visualization, custom reports, and data exports. You can easily analyze your survey data and gain insights that can inform your business decisions.

Enhanced security

 The on-premises server edition of QPoint Survey provides unparalleled security for your survey data. You have complete control over your data, and you can store it on your own servers, ensuring that your sensitive information remains secure. Additionally, the tool is designed with advanced security features, including SSL encryption and data backups, to further protect your data.


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Comparison with Google Forms and SurveyMonkey

While Google Forms and SurveyMonkey are popular survey tools, they have limitations that may not meet the needs of some organizations. For example, both tools have usage limits and may charge extra fees for additional surveys or responses. Additionally, with both tools, you must store your survey data on the vendor's servers, which may not be ideal for organizations with strict data security requirements.

Benefits of On-Premises Survey Tools

One of the main advantages of using an on-premises survey tool like QPoint Survey is complete control over your data. With an on-premises tool, you can ensure that your data is stored securely on your own servers, reducing the risk of a data breach or other security issues. Additionally, an on-premises tool offers unlimited usage and customization options, which can be ideal for organizations with specific needs.

Still not sure?

You can try QPoint Survey online (SaaS) edition for free.

Remember, QPoint Survey is the only survey tool that allows users to use branching, conditional logic, skip logic and dislay rules for free.


If you're looking for a survey tool that offers unparalleled security, unlimited usage, and complete customization options, consider QPoint Survey's on-premises server edition. With its customizable surveys, advanced reporting, enhanced security, and no limitations, this tool is an ideal solution for organizations of all sizes. So why wait? Try QPoint Survey's on-premises server edition today and see the difference for yourself.


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