Add Background images to your Form

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Add Background images to your Form

Make your form more appealing and recognizable by adding a background.

After building your form, make your form different by adding a background.

In the top right corner click on the Design. The sidebar with design choice will appear on the left side. There you have background design and possibility to change Window and Page background. You can choose different colors or add the image template which you can resize or blur. To make your form more appealing or recognizable to your brand or company choose your own image and make background.

Window background is main and it is under Page background

Page background contains your questions, answers and buttons.

Choose background color:

  1. Go to Design sidebar
  2. Choose Color
  3. Choose Window/Page background color

Add background image:

  1. Go to Design sidebar
  2. Choose Background design
  3. Select to change Window or Page background image
  4. Choose Image option
  5. Add new image or choose from your library if you already uploaded some images
    • Resize image
    • Blur image

All uploaded images will be available for you to use on your other forms. If you decide to remove an image, you will also remove referenced image from all forms that are using it.


When you finish with background design do not forget to apply current design to your form (above form page)!