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Can I copy my existing form?
Yes, you can select any form on your account and create new form.

How can I get my results?
All collected data is available in Analyze page. Login to your account and next to your form you will see analyze option. Your results are collected and safely stored on our servers when respondents submit their form.

Can I embed form on my website?
Yes. When logged in, open form and go to collect responses page. There you will find embed code which you simply copy and paste into your website.

How can I edit collected responses?
Collected responses can be edited. To edit responses open Analyze page and select individual respondent. In an overview panel select ‘edit collected data’. This will open form and load it with respondent results.

How do I take my form offline?
Forms can be taken offline, login to your account, select form you want to take offline and click edit. When in builder next to you form, you will see power button that toggles form status offline/online.

Can I copy a form to a different account?
Unfortunately no, you cannot.

Can I add image to question?
You can add single or multiple images to all question types.

What happens when I add more multimedia files (image/audio/video) to single question.
When you add more media to single question, QPoint repeats question for each file you added.

For example, if you want to ask customers what they think about certain product. Simply add product images to the question, and QPoint will repeat the question for each image. This helps you to repeat same question without a need to physically create question for each product.

Is there ‘other’ option on multi select question types?
To create other option, use question group and add two questions where second question is single text or multiline text. For example, you want to have ‘other’ option as part of you multi choice question. First create question group, there you will put multi choice question with answers, also, add last option ‘other’. Now add single or multiline text question. This question will collect all ‘other’ answers. To hide it by default, use Display Rules and set it so it is visible only when respondent selects ‘other’ option in previous question.

Are there matrix questions?
You can create customized matrix questions with question group. For example, create question group and type in your question text. Then add multiple sliders and leave their question text empty. Here is an example.